Corporate Identity

Choice Cargo

Choice Cargo is a company that provides national and international cargo transportation services to destinations worldwide.

For the design of the corporate image we had to seek to convey seriousness, quality and innovation.

The result was an elegant, clean and organized corporate image, in bluish tones and with an innovative air, making it easy to remember and visualize, for potential users of its services.

Dense Networks

Dense Networks is a cross disciplinary Social Think Tank focused on identifying, forecasting and solving complex business, technical, social and legal issues emerging in our always on world. They create an organized forum for the exchange of ideas and the production of business models, technological architecture and action plans.

To promote these events, which take place around the United States, we have designed a poster campaign and notifications by email blast; Elegant, serious, giving impotancia to the information that Dense Networks requires and maintaining a striking design for the potential participants of the events.